Cultures of People

Cultures of people all across the world vary in so many different ways, and that is something that is very powerful about all of our personalities and ways of life as human beings across the world. Of course the human being is a very special creature because we have the ability to think so cognitively and we are also extremely intelligent, and although some people may be more intelligent than others we are all unique and special in our own ways. Of course in recent years many cultures of human beings around the world have been turning towards technology and things like computers and the internet to help shape everyone’s lives, and in a way this has been incredible for a lot of us and it has definitely changed the ways in which we live, but we must understand that there are a lot of different people on earth that don’t agree with living these type of lavish lifestyle that we enjoy in the United States and in the western, industrialized world. When we go outside of the industrialized world we actually see that there are some extremely important, and interesting cultures that can help us learn a lot about ourselves as a human race, and of course we can just learn a ton from these types of people because they are very special in that they have chosen to not go the industrialized route, and that’s a very special decision to make for an entire culture. A lot of these cultures that have chosen to not go the industrialized route are actually some of the most interesting cultures in the world, and that is what we are going to talk about throughout this website and throughout all of these articles that will be connected to this site. 

So if you are a cultural anthropologist or you’re studying to be one or maybe you are just really interested in learning more about less industrialized cultures then you are in the right spot because by going through some of the most interesting cultures in the world and going into extreme depth about what makes some of these cultures the most interesting in the world we can learn a lot about ourselves and the world in general, and of course it is just fun to read about these types of people because for the most part being an American will make you think these people are crazy, or at least very interesting and different. 

So the next most interesting culture in the world that we are going to talk about is from Africa, and more specifically northern Kenya, and they are pretty much all farmers and live off of their own livestock and agriculture for their food sources. WE are talking about The Samburu people, and they are definitely the type of culture that deserves everyone’s deepest respects, and what sucks is that for the most part the Kenyan police do not give these people any respect and definitely berate them more than the other cultures of Kenya. 

The Samburu have been fighting for their land for a long time, and what is crazy is that their land is actually now a national park in Kenya which is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, and that really is special because the Samburu are people of the African wilderness, and that is very scary and awesome at the same time. There are definitely a lot of restrictions amongst this culture, but they are definitely very temperate people who live normal lifestyles except they do not have any type of technology although they do not deny the modern world. They are definitely a culture that we can all learn from deeply.