Changing The Ways

When it comes to a worldly culture we really are thinking of something that is definitely changing the ways in which all humans around the world are interacting with one another and overall living their lives, and one very awesome and important quote that comes to my mind when I think of a worldly culture is that Culture is not your friend. The thing is that when we really start to break down what a culture is then we are going to figure out that culture is a set of rules that are always inhibiting people and making us feel like we must conform to the ideals and concepts surrounding that type of culture. Now let’s consider the idea of whole worldly culture, or a culture that is consistent all around the world.

Well, then we are thinking of a set of norms and social living ideas that are going to be the same all around the world, and this would essentially start to eliminate the types of cultures that are unique and different and what makes people cool everywhere. Now, I know this might seem like a really outlandish comment to make about something like this, but when I think of a worldly culture I think of the whole idea that the United States is kind of spreading their culture all over the world and kind of making people in subtle ways want to be like the United States and spread our culture to other places around the world in a business sense of course, and this is part of what a lot of huge American culture corporations are all about because they have started to figure out that Americans are starting to get too smart for all of their constraints and advertising tricks and things like that, and that is exactly why a lot of people are going abroad to spread their culture-like projects like clothing and entertainment, and of course we always think of Hollywood as the center of the entertainment world, and in many ways it is the epicenter right here in California so that is exactly why a lot of American entertainment is controlling cultures all over the world, and it sometimes isn’t always the best thing although for certain companies it is amazing.

But culture should be our friend because in a lot of parts of the world culture is a really big part of their lives and definitely enhances life and happiness, but when we start to spread the constraints and norms of American society that is only going to make a lot of these people around the world more like Americans, and that sucks because Americans clearly aren’t the most fun type of people in the world, and although we do tend to have a lot of fun it seems to be like in a really weird and gross way most of the time so Americans definitely shouldn’t be influence cultures around the world but we are for some stupid reasons and that is a problem in terms of an American worldly culture that should never actually happen but definitely seems like it is going in that direction at least somewhat.

So we understand that culture can be really bad for a lot of reasons, and of course definitive for a lot areas around the world, but of course that would be really crappy if people became more and more alike as opposed to more and more unique and different.

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