Changing The Ways

When it comes to a worldly culture we really are thinking of something that is definitely changing the ways in which all humans around the world are interacting with one another and overall living their lives, and one very awesome and important quote that comes to my mind when I think of a worldly culture is that Culture is not your friend. The thing is that when we really start to break down what a culture is then we are going to figure out that culture is a set of rules that are always inhibiting people and making us feel like we must conform to the ideals and concepts surrounding that type of culture. Now let’s consider the idea of whole worldly culture, or a culture that is consistent all around the world.

Well, then we are thinking of a set of norms and social living ideas that are going to be the same all around the world, and this would essentially start to eliminate the types of cultures that are unique and different and what makes people cool everywhere. Now, I know this might seem like a really outlandish comment to make about something like this, but when I think of a worldly culture I think of the whole idea that the United States is kind of spreading their culture all over the world and kind of making people in subtle ways want to be like the United States and spread our culture to other places around the world in a business sense of course, and this is part of what a lot of huge American culture corporations are all about because they have started to figure out that Americans are starting to get too smart for all of their constraints and advertising tricks and things like that, and that is exactly why a lot of people are going abroad to spread their culture-like projects like clothing and entertainment, and of course we always think of Hollywood as the center of the entertainment world, and in many ways it is the epicenter right here in California so that is exactly why a lot of American entertainment is controlling cultures all over the world, and it sometimes isn’t always the best thing although for certain companies it is amazing.

But culture should be our friend because in a lot of parts of the world culture is a really big part of their lives and definitely enhances life and happiness, but when we start to spread the constraints and norms of American society that is only going to make a lot of these people around the world more like Americans, and that sucks because Americans clearly aren’t the most fun type of people in the world, and although we do tend to have a lot of fun it seems to be like in a really weird and gross way most of the time so Americans definitely shouldn’t be influence cultures around the world but we are for some stupid reasons and that is a problem in terms of an American worldly culture that should never actually happen but definitely seems like it is going in that direction at least somewhat.

So we understand that culture can be really bad for a lot of reasons, and of course definitive for a lot areas around the world, but of course that would be really crappy if people became more and more alike as opposed to more and more unique and different.

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Get Off Your Butt

Of course the world is definitely an interesting place, and if you don’t think so then you definitely need to get off your butt and look around, and I mean really look around as in travel all over the place and really see the world. The problem is that ignorance is based off of people who are not cultured in any way and do not leave their one tiny corner of the earth for the entirety of their lives, and I don’t think that humans were meant to live that way, especially in modern times in which we now can travel all over the place if we have enough money and the desire to do so. The thing is that if you do actually get out of the industrialized world, and I mean really get out of the confines technology has put on the majority of the world, you will start to see that there are a ton of cultures in the world that live without any types of technology, and what is so funny is that through their more simplistic lifestyles they have found inner peace and a way of life that a lot of us might not understand fully, but they still are definitely really awesome and have a lot of things that we can teach each other, and ourselves coming from the modern world.

So maybe you are a cultural anthropologist or maybe you are just curious about the other more primitive cultures in the world, or maybe you are just some loser who got lost on the internet and found yourself in this site; well it doesn’t really matter because you have come to an interesting website because this entire site is dedicated to the idea of the most interesting cultures in the world, and that is something that everyone should be genuinely interested in because there is so much that we are going to learn from all these cultures, so I hope you like what you read and feel free to mention me online to all your friends so I can get some more credit because I am actually a really poor blogger who needs some more money and I really do care about all of the cultures of the world. 

The next culture that we are going to discuss as one of the most interesting cultures of the entire world is the Awa culture of the Amazon river, and of course these people have definitely been covered in the mass media as some of the most primitive people in the entire world who literally have no ideas about the advancements in technology, to a certain extent.

These people were at one point killed off by a bunch of Americans and Japanese people who were just complete jerks and didn’t understand the culture of the Awa people at all, and because these people have been misunderstood towards their way of life they have suffered tremendously in terms of the ways in which the more industrialized countries have treated them over the past couple of centuries. But the truth of the matter is that the Awa are a very mystical, and in fact magical culture that we can all learn a bunch from. If we put away our differences, and come together to form more similarities than differences then we can see that we are all a lot more of the same than different, and that really goes for all of the most interesting culture in the world that we have been discussing throughout this entire website. 

So thank you very much for reading this website, and I hope you enjoyed as thoroughly as I did writing it.



People are amazing, aren’t they? Of course if you are like me and you live in a big city like Los Angeles, California then you probably hate people with a passion because they seem more annoying than interesting, and I think that has been a serious problem in the industrialized world because we have learned to not appreciate each other unless we are known amongst each other, and this has definitely hindered our abilities to connect with people on deeper levels right from the get go of getting to know someone. Of course I’m not saying that you should just become best friends with the next homeless person you meet on Venice beach, but of course there comes a time in everyone’s life when we all must reach out to others that we do not know and get out of our comfort zones in order to grow ourselves as individuals, and that’s a really special moment for all people of all ages, and it doesn’t necessarily matter who we are or where we come from because the truth of the matter is that when it comes to the most interesting cultures in the world we have to go far away, pretty much as far away as humanly possible, from the industrialized world to see the types of people who really are in control of their lives in a very human way, and it’s just crazy to think about an American living a lifestyle that is like some of the cultures that we are going to talk about throughout this website, but the truth of the matter is that there is a ton that we can learn from these types of cultures in terms of what it means to live on earth and how to live happily, and I think if you are a person from an industrialized country like the United States then you should seriously consider immersing yourself in a culture kind of like this. 

So if you are the type of person who is completely sick of the industrialized world and you just want to get out there and experience something new and maybe help out a less fortunate culture, although they may see themselves very differently and you will to once immersing yourself with them, well then you have come to the right spot online because this entire website is all bout the most interesting cultures in the world, and we are definitely going to go in to some extreme depth so just give me a second and we’ll talk about the next most interesting culture in the world. 

The next most interesting culture that we are going to discuss is a really awesome culture that I think a lot people are very interested in and know all about in terms of how awesome they are, and we are talking about the Loba people from the Nepalese Himalayas. These people could be considered Tibetan because they live in a pretty much similar area of the world, and they are pretty much all Tibetan Buddhist in terms of their religious affiliation. Now, these people definitely have helped themselves a little bit to the technologies of the industrialized world, but for the most part they still live very differently than most people in the world, and that is partly because they live in such a harsh environment in the middle of the tallest mountains on earth, but they definitely live in one of the most beautiful mountains on earth as well. 

It wasn’t until around 1992 that any outsiders even came across these people in their natural inhabitant culture, and they definitely have been awesome to learn about, but of course there are a lot of pressures to build roads near them from the Chinese government and a lot of people think that their interesting culture is now in danger.

Cultures of People

Cultures of people all across the world vary in so many different ways, and that is something that is very powerful about all of our personalities and ways of life as human beings across the world. Of course the human being is a very special creature because we have the ability to think so cognitively and we are also extremely intelligent, and although some people may be more intelligent than others we are all unique and special in our own ways. Of course in recent years many cultures of human beings around the world have been turning towards technology and things like computers and the internet to help shape everyone’s lives, and in a way this has been incredible for a lot of us and it has definitely changed the ways in which we live, but we must understand that there are a lot of different people on earth that don’t agree with living these type of lavish lifestyle that we enjoy in the United States and in the western, industrialized world. When we go outside of the industrialized world we actually see that there are some extremely important, and interesting cultures that can help us learn a lot about ourselves as a human race, and of course we can just learn a ton from these types of people because they are very special in that they have chosen to not go the industrialized route, and that’s a very special decision to make for an entire culture. A lot of these cultures that have chosen to not go the industrialized route are actually some of the most interesting cultures in the world, and that is what we are going to talk about throughout this website and throughout all of these articles that will be connected to this site. 

So if you are a cultural anthropologist or you’re studying to be one or maybe you are just really interested in learning more about less industrialized cultures then you are in the right spot because by going through some of the most interesting cultures in the world and going into extreme depth about what makes some of these cultures the most interesting in the world we can learn a lot about ourselves and the world in general, and of course it is just fun to read about these types of people because for the most part being an American will make you think these people are crazy, or at least very interesting and different. 

So the next most interesting culture in the world that we are going to talk about is from Africa, and more specifically northern Kenya, and they are pretty much all farmers and live off of their own livestock and agriculture for their food sources. WE are talking about The Samburu people, and they are definitely the type of culture that deserves everyone’s deepest respects, and what sucks is that for the most part the Kenyan police do not give these people any respect and definitely berate them more than the other cultures of Kenya. 

The Samburu have been fighting for their land for a long time, and what is crazy is that their land is actually now a national park in Kenya which is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, and that really is special because the Samburu are people of the African wilderness, and that is very scary and awesome at the same time. There are definitely a lot of restrictions amongst this culture, but they are definitely very temperate people who live normal lifestyles except they do not have any type of technology although they do not deny the modern world. They are definitely a culture that we can all learn from deeply.

Worldly Culture

World’s most interesting cultures

The human population really is a fascinating thing to think about, and the facts that we are all so different just by country boundary and other things of course, but what I’m trying to say is that if you look across the globe and start to compare entire cultures of people we are all wildly unique, but at the same time we are all still doing the exact same thing while on earth, which is live out our lives while consciously still perceiving ourselves as one species.


The cultures of the humans are really cool, and what is so crazy is that there still are some cultures around the world who are still very primitive and do not have the luxuries of a lot of western countries like in the United States. Typing on a computer about certain cultures around the world is completely unheard of when it comes to the types of cultures that we are going to talk about throughout these articles. Because when we think about the most interesting cultures in the entire world we are talking about the cultures that have not yet been affected by the advancements of other western cultures. Of course I think if we thought about this from a different perspective, maybe one that of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia and we asked an intellectual from their culture which cultures he or she thought was the most interesting out of the entire human population I think they would say maybe the more advanced cultures are the most interesting. Of course there is so much more than what meets the eye to a lot of the indigenous cultures that still live without a lot of different technologies, but of course a lot of these indigenous cultures still do live with a lot of technology, but they just so happen to still live in the middle of the rain forest or in the middle of the savannah or just out in nature simply because it is a choice for them. They all know that they can go off to the cities, they know there are bigger cities where people live different than them, but still they all choose to live the lives that they live, and maybe that has a lot do with the family situations in these cultures, but it also still has a lot to do with personal freedom, and the willingness to want to live out in nature and a more modest type of lifestyle than a lot of people are used to in today’s time. But that’s exactly what makes some of these really cool cultures so unique, because they genuinely want to be out there in nature roughing it because they like that lifestyle, and I think that goes to show that there is a lot that we can learn from these unique, and the most interesting cultures in the world.


The first most interesting culture in the world that we are going to discuss is called the primitive Korowai, which is a culture that is actually extremely scary because they are known for cannibalism, but they also are known now that we have a ton of more information about them in terms of the types of homes that they live in. These people, just again they are called the primitive Korowai, are people who live in tree houses in Papua, Indonesia on an isolated island that many westerners have never even heard about. These people are so unique and they definitely have done something very special with the types of houses and communities they have built for their tribal society. They are definitely a very mystical and superstitious culture, and one of the main reasons that they live in tree houses is because they believe that there are demon zombie people who walk around at night, so these guys are definitely pretty gnarly.