Get Off Your Butt

Of course the world is definitely an interesting place, and if you don’t think so then you definitely need to get off your butt and look around, and I mean really look around as in travel all over the place and really see the world. The problem is that ignorance is based off of people who are not cultured in any way and do not leave their one tiny corner of the earth for the entirety of their lives, and I don’t think that humans were meant to live that way, especially in modern times in which we now can travel all over the place if we have enough money and the desire to do so. The thing is that if you do actually get out of the industrialized world, and I mean really get out of the confines technology has put on the majority of the world, you will start to see that there are a ton of cultures in the world that live without any types of technology, and what is so funny is that through their more simplistic lifestyles they have found inner peace and a way of life that a lot of us might not understand fully, but they still are definitely really awesome and have a lot of things that we can teach each other, and ourselves coming from the modern world.

So maybe you are a cultural anthropologist or maybe you are just curious about the other more primitive cultures in the world, or maybe you are just some loser who got lost on the internet and found yourself in this site; well it doesn’t really matter because you have come to an interesting website because this entire site is dedicated to the idea of the most interesting cultures in the world, and that is something that everyone should be genuinely interested in because there is so much that we are going to learn from all these cultures, so I hope you like what you read and feel free to mention me online to all your friends so I can get some more credit because I am actually a really poor blogger who needs some more money and I really do care about all of the cultures of the world. 

The next culture that we are going to discuss as one of the most interesting cultures of the entire world is the Awa culture of the Amazon river, and of course these people have definitely been covered in the mass media as some of the most primitive people in the entire world who literally have no ideas about the advancements in technology, to a certain extent.

These people were at one point killed off by a bunch of Americans and Japanese people who were just complete jerks and didn’t understand the culture of the Awa people at all, and because these people have been misunderstood towards their way of life they have suffered tremendously in terms of the ways in which the more industrialized countries have treated them over the past couple of centuries. But the truth of the matter is that the Awa are a very mystical, and in fact magical culture that we can all learn a bunch from. If we put away our differences, and come together to form more similarities than differences then we can see that we are all a lot more of the same than different, and that really goes for all of the most interesting culture in the world that we have been discussing throughout this entire website. 

So thank you very much for reading this website, and I hope you enjoyed as thoroughly as I did writing it.