Worldly Culture

World’s most interesting cultures

The human population really is a fascinating thing to think about, and the facts that we are all so different just by country boundary and other things of course, but what I’m trying to say is that if you look across the globe and start to compare entire cultures of people we are all wildly unique, but at the same time we are all still doing the exact same thing while on earth, which is live out our lives while consciously still perceiving ourselves as one species.


The cultures of the humans are really cool, and what is so crazy is that there still are some cultures around the world who are still very primitive and do not have the luxuries of a lot of western countries like in the United States. Typing on a computer about certain cultures around the world is completely unheard of when it comes to the types of cultures that we are going to talk about throughout these articles. Because when we think about the most interesting cultures in the entire world we are talking about the cultures that have not yet been affected by the advancements of other western cultures. Of course I think if we thought about this from a different perspective, maybe one that of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia and we asked an intellectual from their culture which cultures he or she thought was the most interesting out of the entire human population I think they would say maybe the more advanced cultures are the most interesting. Of course there is so much more than what meets the eye to a lot of the indigenous cultures that still live without a lot of different technologies, but of course a lot of these indigenous cultures still do live with a lot of technology, but they just so happen to still live in the middle of the rain forest or in the middle of the savannah or just out in nature simply because it is a choice for them. They all know that they can go off to the cities, they know there are bigger cities where people live different than them, but still they all choose to live the lives that they live, and maybe that has a lot do with the family situations in these cultures, but it also still has a lot to do with personal freedom, and the willingness to want to live out in nature and a more modest type of lifestyle than a lot of people are used to in today’s time. But that’s exactly what makes some of these really cool cultures so unique, because they genuinely want to be out there in nature roughing it because they like that lifestyle, and I think that goes to show that there is a lot that we can learn from these unique, and the most interesting cultures in the world.


The first most interesting culture in the world that we are going to discuss is called the primitive Korowai, which is a culture that is actually extremely scary because they are known for cannibalism, but they also are known now that we have a ton of more information about them in terms of the types of homes that they live in. These people, just again they are called the primitive Korowai, are people who live in tree houses in Papua, Indonesia on an isolated island that many westerners have never even heard about. These people are so unique and they definitely have done something very special with the types of houses and communities they have built for their tribal society. They are definitely a very mystical and superstitious culture, and one of the main reasons that they live in tree houses is because they believe that there are demon zombie people who walk around at night, so these guys are definitely pretty gnarly.